Empower patient voices

The patients we call super-utilizers are some of the most voiceless, disenfranchised individuals in our communities. Often, they have been made to feel that they are the problem, not the system. We believe that for the system to change, our patients must be empowered to have their voices heard.

Illuminate system failures

Telling a patient’s story honors his or her experience. Stories illuminate where our current system is failing the most vulnerable, and how changes to the way we think about and deliver care can make a big difference. They help build support for the slow and difficult work ahead. We are only at the beginning of building a body of knowledge that will help provide our patients with the care they deserve.

Tell the larger story

When our patients to tell their individual stories,  evidence builds that they are not alone. We begin to knit together the work occurring at scores of hospitals, community health centers and other sites around the country every day, many of them working with only a few patients, to tell the larger story – the enormous scope of the problem, the human and financial cost, and how much more work needs to be done to make real change.