Data and hotspotting

The Coalition’s hotspotting work is driven by data and the patterns and evidence it provides.

Data is information, and information analysis can provide a roadmap to the inefficiencies and stresses in a system. It can indicate whether resources are allocated appropriately, and point us to where small changes can make a big difference.

Start small

Our project began by using billing data from three local hospitals to identify where the greatest costs were in our local health care ecosystem. Data analysis combined with patient engagement proved that high spending was often the result of frequent, preventable hospitalizations that delivered inefficient, ineffective care for highly vulnerable patients.

The truth about HIPAA

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) does not prevent patients from giving permission to allow their personal medical records to be used to coordinate care. This is a common misconception in health care.

While HIPAA does provide important protections for patients, with proper consent and privacy controls, medical records are an appropriate tool for providing high quality care, especially for complex patients in a deeply fragmented health care delivery system.